Thoughts from Mulberry Street


I spent the last four days in NYC & I’m still reveling in it, wondering how soon I can go back.

If you followed my Instagram stories, you know what a crazy few inspirational days it was...and now that I’m back, I’m decompressing, readjusting, & simply breathing again.
Which feels like something I haven’t done in awhile.

I had no idea how much I would need this writing trip with my girls Karly and Jenna when we tossed around the idea several months ago.
But God did.

I was listening to The Next Right Thing podcast this morning, catching up, when Emily (because we’re friends now…) said

God will not let you miss your own future.

So many days I tear myself down thinking I’m not doing life (and by life I mean all. the. things.) right. 
Missing out. 
Making the wrong choices.

This thought pattern has reared up in a scary way & since mid-January, I’ve just felt worn down.

But the last few days, I kept my eyelids up to see what I could see, & God showed me.

He renewed my sense of wonder.
Inspired me for my new novel.
Showed me how to understand myself a little bit more.
And gave me back my joy.

But most of all, He took a weight off my chest that I didn’t realize I was carrying because I went to Him
weary & burdened, and in the hustle & bustle of a city that never sleeps,
He gave me rest.

I can’t say this next season of Spring will be perfect, but I know it will be alive & bursting because He’s not going to let me miss my future.

“And that is a story that no one can beat, // When I say that I saw it on Mulberry Street.”