Have you always wanted to be a writer? Well, what’s stopping you? Your inner critic or time? Because in my journey to writing, both of those things have often plagued me. My best advice is to simply just start. I know. It seems silly, but all stories start somewhere.
Sometimes the blank page can be daunting though, which is why I LOVE using writing prompts, organizers, and worksheets to get my ideas flowing. As a teacher, I use these in creative writing class to help my students find their stories. But I don’t just teach them, I use them! I have folders and notebooks full of handouts that have helped me in my own writing. Both ones I’ve created and ones I’ve found.

You’ll find a variety prompts, handouts, and organizers below to help you get the words flowing, all of which are free resources made just for you, to help you on your writing journey. Click to download and print, and check back often as I’ll be adding to the library.


Looking to jumpstart your writing? Try these prompts!


Want to work on brainstorming, character development, or plot? Try some of these worksheets to organize your story! Click to download!

Brianstorm activities