Since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a writer, but for the last several years I've been all over with my writing. I've had multiple blogs where I've tried to  "focus" my writing, except I just can't help but write about lots of things: my faith, life experiences, books, yoga, and make-believe stories.
I'm currently working on my first novel, and when I need to share something else, I blog in my little white space of the universe where I get to tell all sorts of stories: real or make-believe.  

Yoga Instructor

Several years ago, I discovered Holy Yoga, and I've been practicing ever since. The practice changed my faith and so I jumped in whole heartily to the ministry. Now, I'm a certified Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Therapist, Kids Instructor and more, passionate about helping others cultivate nourishment in body + soul.
I teach locally at a gym and also online.
You can find my schedule here or connect with me around the web on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @CaitlinLoreYoga