Spring Blooms: A Life Update


I forget how Spring is my favorite until it shows up every year. One day it’s winter, & the next day the crocuses are peeking out, the world around me alive once again.

Sometimes, I think faith is like that. We spend months & months in prayer, wondering if He’s even listening...the silence settling in.
Our souls weary.
But then suddenly, He’s there. 
Often with something we weren’t expecting.

I’ve found myself feeling this way through this season. Wondering if God was even listening, & at times, not even bothering to lift up a prayer because the weight of my soul couldn’t bare to.

I’ve gotten tired of our infertility struggle.
I love you all, but I’m over baby announcements.
And my heart is simply not ready to move forward on a different path.

So last winter I told God no.
Yet in the midst of my rebellion, He kept working on my heart, & 
this Spring He brought a surprising yes.

Lately, we have a two-legged tagalong. 
That’s the way the Lord works with the Lores. He sort of smacks us in the face with His plans.
I felt disobedient & full of doubt this winter, yet the Spirit kept nudging at my heart.

And so, a month ago, we started fostering, in the most unexpected of ways, & now I find myself parenting a 14-year-old.
We truly don’t know what the future holds, but He does. 
Which is something I’m clinging to in obedience as we walk forward into a marvelous unknown, His faithfulness evident.

I know this will be a season of growth in so many ways. And as Spring blooms, so does my heart.