She speaks: "Turning Point," a short story


Remember those two story versions from writing prompt a couple of weeks ago? Well, turns out I loved one so much I kept going.

And, I’ve been writing a short story these last few weeks.

It’s a secret & not-so-secret story because I’ve been writing it as an example for my students who have also been immersed in story worlds.

It’s also about Max, a character who started talking to me before she showed up on the page. She has an arrogance about her that I love.
And she steal things.
Really, really well.

This is the first short story I’ve written in a long time, and since I really kind of love how it turned out, I’m sharing it here today.

If all goes well, I think Max might have more story to tell, and perhaps this summer I’ll get the chance to write it.

Until then, let me know your thoughts on her story!