Gatsby Day


Wishing the dapper Gatsby the Great Doxie a happy birthday today.
He’s 3.

And yes, I’m that weird person who celebrates her dog’s birthday, but let me tell you about this guy.

He’s been a huge blessing these last few years.
The very first weekend we had him I took him, sleeping, in my purse to Easter Sunday church service.
He was quiet & cuddly & half of that remains true today.
He’s still my cuddle buddy, but boy can he be ornery!

Not a day goes by that I don’t laugh because of him, & more often than not he makes my heart full with his unconditional love.

I love how he’s become my writing buddy, often curling up on my lap or next to me while I pen stories.

A few years ago, I never wanted another dog, let alone two.
Losing JJ, our Greyhound, was hard & my heart didn’t have space.
But Daisy crawled in.
Then Gatsby came next.

And God knew how much I’d need these little fur balls in my life over this hard, & sometimes dark, season.
They’re definitely siblings, & while they’re double trouble doxies, I’m pretty sure they’d be lost without the other. 
And so would I.

We humans don’t deserve the love our pups give us, but I’m so thankful we get it.
That God created sweet, funny, loving, & ornery creatures to fill spaces we didn’t know would need filled.

Here’s to you Gatsby.
Thanks for filling my heart.