currently || august 2019

Hi friends! Welcome to August’s edition of currently, or basically what I’ve been up to this last month. Mostly, it’s been school stuff as I start back in the classroom next week, but also I’m trying to soak up the last days of freedom. I don’t know what it was this year, but summer really went by fast. If you’re a blogger and want to join in, here’s the link up!

Right now I’m currently:

ordering || whimsical roller bottles and labels for essential oil blends. I’ve used essential oils for several years, mostly in my yoga practice and on & off in my everyday life, but I’ve found a renewed vigor for them this summer as I’ve focused a bit more on self care. There’s something about a good blend of oils that lifts my spirits, and I want to take them with me as I head back into the classroom soon. So, cue all the fun roller bottles!

watching || Doctor Who. This is my third time watching the series from start to finish, though I’ve re-watched ten & eleven more than that. The Doctor fills me with hope, and I often turn to the show when I need some creative encouragement. I’ve even been contemplating adding a unit in my curriculum this Spring, so this re-watch is for both personal and research purposes.

cooking || I don’t think it’s considered cooking since I’m simply putting together a sandwich, but right now I’m obsessed with tomato sandwiches. I remember eating them a lot in the summer with my Mom when I was younger, and this summer, we’ve been a part of our local CSA (remember when I talked about all. the. veggies. last month?) Well, it’s finally tomato time, so the last few weeks have been filled with a great gluten free bread, some delicious mayo, and fresh, local tomatoes creating the perfect sandwich. Harriet M. Welsch would be proud.

wondering || if I’ll ever feel ready for this school year. I left my classroom in controlled chaos back at the end of May, but it’s go time as school starts in a little over a week. I’m not one to leave the same thing up year after year, so I like to change things around as much as I can. I’m near finished with the decorating, but I just don’t feel completely ready curriculum wise as I still have some day to day things to plan. Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll start feeling in the back-to-school-mode eventually.

savoring || the last days of summer. I’ve filled the last of my summer days with morning walks with the pups, porch sitting, and afternoons getting lost in story. Hopefully, I can incorporate these rhythms of rest into my weekends this year. One of my favorite moments from this last month was when the pups and I found a little Monarch friend on our walk. It was in the middle of the sidewalk when Gatsby sniffed it, and still alive but with a slightly damaged wing. I gently carried this friend home on my sleeve, and left it in my wildflower garden on some milkweed. It was gone that afternoon, but not dead anywhere near my wildflowers, so I’m hoping it found a safe home somewhere.


What are you currently up to this month?