currently || july 2019

I’ve been struggling to put story words on the page lately & part of my soul wonders if maybe I’m in a season of life-writing rather than fiction writing. Yesterday after I stared at my notebook for a solid 30 minutes, I found myself changing pace and decided to catch up on some blogs I love. I’m glad I did because I discovered a fun little post that Rachel Dawson (a blogger & fellow book lover I admire) wrote, and thought to myself, That’s such a great way to get back into writing AND let people in on my life. As I read on, I realized her post was inspired by the creator of the link up, and is a bigger thing out in the blogging world. So, now I have a new blog to read and a monthly post goal that I’m hoping will get me back into a habit of life-writing. I’m a little late with July’s post, but here’s a peek into my world!

Right now I’m currently:

reading || Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith. It’s a YA contemporary romance and super adorable. Plus, it involves a cross-country train trip and a Brit. All the heart eyes. Also, I just started Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this contemporary romance. It seems charming, fun, & everything I need during these hot summer days.
(I think I have 2 more romance-y books in my library queue, & I not ashamed of these light, feel good reads this summer.)

enjoying || my neighborhood with early morning pup walks. I’ve always been a nature lover, and as I grow in my writing, I’m discovering how much being outside inspires me. Right now, I’m currently working on a novel where the neighborhood setting is important, and I find myself inspired by our own little town, particularly the historical area where we live. Early morning walks with the pups are quiet and contemplative, just what my writer soul needs. (And the gardens are gorgeous this time of year!)

finding || what it’s like to be on my yoga mat again. I’ve been out of practice for a good while now. Some of that stems from the fact that I stopped teaching regularly about two years ago because I was burnt out & overwhelmed with life. But in this season, I’m finding what it’s like to be a yoga student again, simply attending local classes & making time for a home practice.

saving || The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen. This is by far my top summer to-be-read, BUT I know once I read it, summer will feel like it’s over and I’ll have to wait far too long for the next Dessen book. So I’m savoring it, & saving it for when I need a fresh moment of summer that first week of school. (I checked off a bucket list item when I got to meet Sarah at the beginning of summer for the book’s release, & I’m still giddy about it.)

tasting || fresh local veggies as we experience the peak of summer produce from my local CSA. This is the first year I joined the Community Shared Agriculture program & I am so thankful I did. It has been a rough season first with monsoon rains and now extreme heat & drought like conditions, so I’m super thankful for the hard work our farmers are doing. The produce is delicious, I love that we get to support local, and that in small town Midwest, I have access to organic veggies every week. (Also, who knew there were still so many varieties of vegetables I haven’t tried yet?!)


What are you currently up to this month?