brainstorm // #hopewriterlife


day 6 // brainstorm ✨

Last month, I spent a little bit of everyday wondering & dreaming about the world of my novel.

I’d put my story on hold for several months, my day job taking up most of my mind space, & part of me wasn’t sure I would ever get back into it.

But five minutes, every day, added up & I found a renewed love of my story.
I found whimsy in my world.
I found hope in my character.

And I remembered what it was like to be in the depths of the brainstorm stage.
It’s my favorite place of writing.
The place of whimsical, untold possibilities. Where characters can do anything & a world is whatever I want it to be.

No matter how long or what I write, brainstorming or story dreaming as I call it, will always be my favorite.

This post originated on Instagram as part of the Hope Writer’s #hopewriterlife challenge, but I’m sharing it here are part of my Notes from a Writer’s Desk series.