A Year of Story


2018 was the first year I ever chose a word for the year & it didn’t really come to me out of the blue. I worked through words & words & ultimately chose my one word because I liked it.


Unusual. Different.
And as I look back, oh so fitting.

2018 was a year I finished my first novel. A year I told the world I wasn’t just a writer, but a novelist.
A children’s novelist.
A year I started believing it.
2018 was year I started penning more story ideas & stepping out into the world of story.
A year I fell into teaching, finally, because I realized I can make it all about story instead of standards.

A year the Lores began to write some new stories into our lives with Penny Lane the Popup. 
A year of a summer full of brave & chasing creative
A year of tattoos that mean the world to me & tell a bigger story in ink than I could ever say in words
A hard year that will someday be a story of grief I write but one where I’m so thankful for Darth Daisy & her ornery brother because those two little beating hearts have filled an empty space.

2018 has been a story-filled year.
A year for the storybooks & I cannot wait to keep writing as I move into 2019 with wonder.