slant // #hopewriterlife

day 11 // slant ✨


Writing is all about how we see.
The experience.
The wonder.
The beauty.

The world around us.

I could have let these flowers stay outside & enjoyed them in their natural state.(Peonies! In June!)
But instead, I cut them off last Saturday to bring the beauty inside, so I could enjoy them every time I walked past my dining room table, which is a lot.

They probably would have lasted much longer on their stalks, but this week they brought me smiles.

Because every time I walked by, I stopped to smell them. Something I would have missed out on had I left them outside.

Writing is similar.
I could easily tell myself that I don’t need to keep working on my current manuscript because there are already too many middle grade fantasies out there.

Or I could not even begin to write the middle grade mystery on my heart because there are already some fabulous authors in that genre.

But these two novels are *my* stories.
My own slant on the genres.
My own slant on the world.

So I’ll keep revising & I’ll keep writing even if there are days that it feel futile.

Because someone out there needs my stories just as much as I need to write them.

This post originated on Instagram as part of the Hope Writer’s #hopewriterlife challenge round 2, but I’m sharing it here are part of my Notes from a Writer’s Desk series.