currently || October 2019

Hi friends. Thanks for stopping by October’s edition of currently. I honestly cannot believe it’s October already. We’ve been really busy these last few weeks, and I’m hoping that as fall is settling in so is a quiet period.

But until it does, here’s what I’ve been up too!
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Right now I’m currently:

arranging || my zen zone in my classroom. I’ve wanted a meditation corner for a few years now, but just haven’t quite had the space, time, and material to create one until now. Thanks to some Facebook friends and my local Aldi, I was finally able to put one together. It’s nothing too big, but it’s a quiet enough space for my students to take a breather from their day or curl up and read during our independent reading time. There’s also a salt lamp, essential oil diffuser, and oil roller-blends that my students LOVE. And, I have to say it’s a nice place to take a break during my prep hour.

loving || that the Fall weather has finally arrived. For a minute, we thought we’d move straight into Winter, but we finally turned off the A/C last week, opened the windows, and started breathing in the Fall air. It’s my favorite season, and I am loving every moment of it.

embracing || my reading tastes. I’m a straight up fantasy nerd, but I also equally love mysteries. There was one summer of my childhood when I read through all 60ish of the Nancy Drew book in my library and thought long and hard about opening my own detective agency. This last year, I started dreaming up a middle grade mystery story and joined a mystery writer’s group. All of that has led me to pick up cozy mysteries—you know, those trade paperback books your Grandma always reads. And you know what. I love them, and I’m embracing my current reading taste.

purchasing || spooky reads. When I was a kid, spooky was my jam. I’d curl up and read the Goosebumps books one after the other and couldn’t wait for new episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” but as I grew older, I grew out of my spooky phase. In fact, I steer clear of horror movies these days mainly because of my over-active imagination. Nonetheless, every October, I love indulging in a creepy (but not too creepy) read and this year is no exception. I’m doing a genre study with my seniors and this month we’re talking about paranormal/horror fiction so I thought, why not read a few myself?

sharing || books! I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves at home over the last few weeks, and I went on a fun Little Free Library run this past weekend to donate stacks of books. Someday I hope to build a Little Free Library in our front yard, but until then, I love filling up the 5 we have in our community!


What are you currently up to this month?