my yoga is rooted in cultivating nourishment for body + soul.

I believe in everyday Grace & real life Holy Yoga.
So that's what you'll find when you practice with me. 
Grace for your practice and for your everyday. Yoga that's practical + nourishing + full of Jesus. 
Whether you're an athlete with years of disciplining your body, a seasoned yogi, an expecting mama, a wanderer,
or maybe you've never even stepped foot on a mat and think you're inflexible.

this is yoga to nourish + heal.
this is yoga for you


Yoga for the Soul

Yoga isn't just a physical practice.
It's deep soul work.
Movement has always made me aware of just how near God's presence is, but when I found myself on my mat, tear-stained, over and over again, I knew there was more to my practice.
Holy Yoga combines the physical asanas of yoga with prayer, meditation, and the Truth of the Gospel.
It's nourishing + grace-filled. It's deep + healing . 
It's Holy + Yoga.


Yoga for Every Body

I don't think yoga is for the flexible.
It's for the willing. 
The whole reason we come to our mat to practice is so that we can cultivate flexibility, rest, & healing.
My hope is that you'll find a practice for your needs at the time you need it. A morning flow. An evening meditation.
A little yoga with weights to spice it up.
Chair yoga. Sport specific sequences. Prenatal relaxation.
Yoga for every body. 

Real life yoga is a thing. I can’t do the splits. Or lotus pose. Or even hold a handstand very long.
But I can get on my mat to move and breathe.
I worship. I pray. I meditate. I receive Grace.
I find Jesus on my mat and enter a space of Holiness.
You can call it Holy Yoga or Christian Yoga or just Yoga.
No matter it’s called, this is my practice, full of Grace, and I invite you in.
— Caitlin