august day 4 || Ethical ELA 5 day writing challenge


It’s day 4 of the Ethical ELA 5 day writing challenge which is a space to nurture the writing lives of ALL teachers. Join me for a fun prompt today!

Head over to today’s post, read the inspiration, & then share your poem in the comments. Make sure you fill out the sign-up form so you’ll be in-the-know for next month’s challenge, too. Today’s work in an Ode, and I’m foregoing some of the traditional rules for 21st century humor. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Ode to my Hydroflask—

Dear one--
You've been around far longer than this
#vscogirl craze and
I'm so sorry you have been thrust into the middle of it.
But I must say, I am quite honored
the you have stuck around for so long.
I've really put you through the ringer a few times.
The dents on your bright blue frame have given you
character, far superior to your shelved
brothers and sisters.

I must say, I'm also quite fond of the personality
you've been developing, too. It was already
obvious that you cared about the environment,
but your responsibilitreesand free the seasstickers
speak volumes to how you care about the world around
you. These days, I keep getting asked if I'm
"trying to save a turtle" but I often just reply that I care deeply
about the world around me. It brings scoffs and eye rolls, but
I know we're on the same page.
One happy Earth at a time.

Thank you for sticking around through it all.
I appreciate your willingness to travel: both to
new places and the same old routine.
Whether we end up saving 1 million turtles together
or just one, I want you to know
you were there long before the #vscogirls
And every time there's a snide comment,
just know I'll set them straight.
After all, your metal exterior sure comes in handy
if someone truly annoys me.