august day 2 || Ethical ELA 5 day writing challenge


I’m back for day 2 of the Ethical ELA 5 day writing challenge which is a space to nurture the writing lives of ALL teachers. It’s not to late to jump in!

Head over to today’s post, read the inspiration, & then share your poem in the comments. Make sure you fill out the sign-up form so you’ll be in-the-know for next month’s challenge, too. I’m writing today’s poem, a blackjack* poem, a little later but I was inspired by real life classroom events today!

My favorite day

Tuesdays seem awfully hard
most weeks. Especially when
you often think they’re Mondays.

So, coffee cup in hand, I
remind myself that they are
actually wonderful.

A quiet day of the week
can be full of surprises.
Sleepy students in their desks

who perk up when you ask them
“If you could write anything all
year, what would it be?” Whispers

start with “music.” Then “fashion.”
And “ video games.” Louder.
“Politics.” “Sports.” “Books.” “My life.”

The room, alive now with ideas.
Pencils moving across the page.
A few smiles here and there

while you let the work unfold.
Sitting back, realizing how
Tuesdays are spectacular

after all is said and done.


*blackjack poetry is simply a 3 lined poem comprised of 7 syllables in each line for a total of 21 syllables. Unlike a haiku which is normally about nature, blackjack can be about anything.