Mysteries for Older Readers!

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to mysteries (as you can tell from my first mystery guide earlier this season!)

The reason is three-fold, really.

  1. I’ve been a mystery fan since the summer I was about 11 years old and flew through the 60-some Nancy Drew books my town library owned.

  2. My creative brain has been working overtime coming up with some mystery novel ideas of my own.

  3. I always love to cozy up with mysteries during Fall. They filll that gap between spooky reads and festive, holiday reads,

Plus, I’ve learned over my last couple of years writing fiction that when I’m working in a specific genre, I read widely in that genre to get a feel for how it’s put together, to learn what the current books are like and to find inspiration. Which means I’ve got lots of mysteries to recommend! So much so that I’m sharing two more guides today in the mystery genre! Now the question is—can you figure out the whodunit before the detective?
*Don’t forget. If you click on the image, it’ll take you to the free PDF download!

Are you a mystery fan? Do you have a favorite mystery author or a book you’d like to try?