A collection of booklists!


One of my most favorite things in the world is connecting readers with books. I believe that books have the power to heal & to change us.

They make us laugh, cry, yearn, and offer us escape. Books find us when we need them the most, and I whole heartily believe it only takes one book to turn a non-reader into an avid reader.

As a bibliophile & creative writer-turned-teacher, my life is spent lost in story which leads me to sharing the goodness of books I've read with the world. Yet, I've found as I dive deeper into my fiction writing, most of my writing time is spent in my own story worlds rather than blogging about books. However, the reader in me simply cannot not recommend books. 

When I launched my monthly newsletter, Lost in Story, earlier this summer, I started making up printable book lists full of recommendations for readers of all ages. It turns out, I’m enjoying making those book lists so much, I’m going to start posting them here too! My newsletter has evolved into this little blog space which I hope will become a collection of book recommendations
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The links below will take you to my growing library of book lists, and my hope is that with each new recommendation, we’ll start building community around reading and that you'll find a book that meets you where you are when you need it the most.

picture books || middle grade || young adult || literary || seasonal reads


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