A 2019 Reading Challenge!


I have been a fan of reading challenges for a long time.

In fact, I can trace it back to racking up the AR points in first grade (because let’s face it, being the sticker chart leader in the classroom was an honor) and years of the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program where after so many books a month, readers get a certificate for a free pizza. Past pizza me was the most epic reader ever because those were the golden tickets.

Fast forward many years to my gluten/dairy free life and, well, the BOOK IT! reading challenge isn’t my jam anymore (Did you know it’s still a thing?!) Nevertheless, as an avid reader, I’m always finding ways to challenge my reading life albeit with & without rewards. Whether it’s reading more books than last year, reading through a stack just because I can, or completing my 40 books challenge with my students every school year, I’m mostly about the intrinsic motivation (and new books…). But let me tell you, as a teacher, it sure is hard to get my high school students to read just for fun.

So I thought a little healthy challenge might be in order this next semester which ultimately led me to creating my very own reading challenge for all readers in 2019 to add to the mix of ones already out there. (I’m a fan of this one, this one, and this one I just discovered.)

Like most reading challenges, mine is meant to help widen your reading life! I want to challenge you to get out of the genre box, which is one of my big goals with my student readers over the year. My 40 book challenge (based on The Book Whisperer’s) is a way to get students reading and reading widely! And even if they only read one book a year, but love it, then it’s a win because they’ve found the one book that speaks to their soul.

Over the course of the year in my monthly newsletter, I’ll send out the next month’s list to help you get a jump start on your TBR (to be read) pile, and if you aren’t a subscriber, I’ll post the new list here on the blog on the first of the month. This challenge is meant for all ages and the monthly prompts are general to book genres/topics/authors in order to leave you freedom in choice (because that is super important too.) So, if you want to read along with some young readers—choose picture books! Or your middle grade reader can find books that are perfect for their reading while you read more literary books! Perhaps your classroom will read along together and find new books to enjoy, or maybe you propose this to your book club and you all settle on something out of the norm!

My hope is that the Lost in Story challenge will be reading fun for everyone in your life!

But wait! I’m offering more fun for you.

Because I want this to be as much about building a reading community as it is about reading, I’ll also be sharing some Insta-story templates each month over on Instagram so you can track your reads and we can share book recommendations.
But for those not on the Gram, I’ve made the templates available in bookmark format, here on the blog, in case you’re an old-fashioned tracker like me. So, find the all-ages printable below as well as the bookmarks. (And yes—even though the all ages talks about building a fort and reading in it, you can bet I’ll be doing that!)

Make sure to tag @caitlin_lore on Instagram so I can follow along! Use #lostinstorychallenge as well so we can see what everyone is reading this year, and feel free to post one of these images over on your feed to encourage others to join in!

LIS graphic.png
LIS graphic-2.png

Now that this blog space is up and running, check back on the first of each month with PDF as well as the bookmarks! Or better yet, subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know!

Let me know in the comments what you’ll be reading for January!

Here’s to getting lost in story together!