What I read in January

Well friends, January turned out to be a great reading month for me considering I had FOUR snow days, and spent my long weekend home sick with the flu.

Of course I spent all that time reading! I did write some as well, but one of my favorite ways to study writing is to get lost in a good story. Since I also had plenty of time to share to my stories on Instagram, I wanted to do a bit more in terms of recommending books. Last year, I started a highlight to chronicle all the books I read, where I shared my rating and the book’s genre, but as I often had people ask me my thoughts on the story and whether it’s good for the classroom or younger readers, I thought I’d start sharing more in depth thoughts this year!

As always, since I love the platform so much, you can find these on Instagram sprinkled throughout my stories during the month, but I’ll also keep them collected in a highlight for the year. You can find them under my 2019 reads. But, I figured since I already have the images, why not do a round up on the blog too!

It may be a week into February, but in my opinion, it’s never to late to share book recommendations and reviews. Here’s all I read last month, and some quick thoughts I have on each book!



If you end up reading any of these books throughout the year, I’d love to know your thoughts! And, if you’ve already read one of these, let’s chat because there’s nothing better than finding kinship over shared books thoughts. Leave a comment or come find me on Instagram!

How did your January reading go?