As a little girl, I used to run around barefoot everywhere. You'd often find me outside without shoes on. But then I grew up and headed into the real world where shoes are a must. I stumbled around in flip flops all through high school and college, trying to get as close to bare feet as possible but still be socially acceptable. Little did I know how much havoc those shoes were causing to my body.
Then, I started working and found myself shoving my toes into tight shoes just to fit a dress code.

In the last year, I've slowly inched back to my barefoot ways. I sort of said "nah, society. I'm going to buck your traditions" and any given day, you can find me wearing minimalist shoes to work. And sometimes, even walking around my classroom barefoot. (I work with junior highers, so it's pretty acceptable.) Through my yoga therapy training, I've found myself drawn foot health. I got rid of my entire traditional shoe collection, and wear strictly minimal shoes. I go barefoot around my house, yard, and try to get a lot of vitamin texture throughout my day. I'm sort of obsessed with Katy Bowman's teachings, and I'll talk foot health and alignment with everyone that asks me about my weird shoes.

If you're looking for some one-on-one therapy for your feet, I offer individualized sessions for restoring foot health.

My Healthy Foot Program consists of :

  • 1 hour initial evaluation + 1 hour private session
  • Access to on-line exercise videos and materials as well as exercises prescribed for restoring your foot health
  • 30 minute follow up appointment 1 month after your initial appointment

Fee: $75

Recommended Materials:

Use code BarefootYogi for 17% off!

Use code BarefootYogi for 17% off!