#MGlit Review: The Silver Gate

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The Silver Gate by Kristen Bailey is a beautiful, poignant middle grade tale about family, diversity, and the power of belief.

In Elric's village, people have always looked at his sister differently, because Wynn IS different. But everyone believes her differences make her a changeling and a curse to her family. Even her own father. So when tragedy strikes and Elric is forced to flee with Wynn, he knows it's up to him to save her.

The two of them set off on somewhat of an adventure to find The Silver Gate, or so Wynn believes. But their travels become so much more then Elric ever expected.

Bailey weaves a beautiful story between two siblings, and how the power of belief can shape your world. She keeps the faerie element mysterious yet magical, all the while enticing readers to keep turning the pages.
And sweet Wynn, who we know from the beginning pages was born with a disability, will capture your heart like no other character.

I had a hard time putting this story down while also keeping my eyes dry.

I highly recommended this story for readers who love a good quest, fairies, stories about siblings, the power of love, and maybe who just believe in magic themselves.


📚Ages 8-12
📚Clean content
📚Great themes