#YAlit Review: Once and For All


Even though Fall is in FULL swing here in the Midwest, I'm throwing it back to some of my sweet summertime reads with today's review!

I found Sarah Dessen's stories as a Freshman in high school, and her books were everything I needed as a teen. Today I still love curling up with her books during the summer months which is only made better if I'm actually on a beach somewhere! And...I just happened to be on one when I got lost in her newest novel, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Louna, the daughter of famous wedding planner Natalie Barrett, has been to every type of wedding imaginable all with that perfect, happy ending. So when she meets charming Ambrose at her mother's latest venue, she's a little reluctant. Especially since her own first love didn't end with a happily ever after. 
But Ambrose, who's used to getting what he wants, isn't going to give up so easily. And Louna? Maybe her views on love don't have to be so cynical after all.

Dessen's latest novel continues to cement her as my favorite contemporary YA Lit author. This newest novel is richly satisfying, humorous, and all around a feel-good read. •
I found myself lost in the pages of the story not only because of the way Dessen pulls you into her story settings, but because I was so wrapped up in her characters. I found a piece of myself in Louna--and fell in love with Ambrose, just like I did with the characters the first time I read A TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER.

I think that's why I love Dessen's writing so much--she has such a way of pulling you into the story, tugging at your heart strings, and making you fall for characters. As if you'd be friends if they could walk off the page. •
ONCE AND FOR ALL ranks in my top five Dessen stories, and even though the wait will be agony until her next one, its worth gobbling this one up if you haven't already.

Highly recommended for Dessen fans, contemporary YA romance readers, and anyone who just needs a little warmth this Fall. It's a feel good story guaranteed to warm your heart and soul.


📚Ages 15+
📚Contemporary, beach read
📚Sweet, summertime love
📚 A bit of cursing