#YAlit Review: Chaotic Good

 Thanks to  @kidlitexchange  #partner network for a review copy of this book—all opinions of this review are my own

Thanks to @kidlitexchange #partner network for a review copy of this book—all opinions of this review are my own

Oh my readers—this March 2018 release by @knopfteen is a must have for your Spring #tbrpile

Cameron has one goal: use her artistic cosplay talents to get into CalTech. Last summer, her cosplay finally garnered some attention but not all of it was what she hoped for as it set off a firestorm of angry comments from male fans.
When her family moves the summer before senior year, she hopes she can complete her portfolio in peace. That is until she realizes the only comic store in town—her source of inspiration—is dominated by a male owner who challenges every woman who walks into the shop.
Disguised as boy Cameron (from the suggestion of her twin brother) she finds herself pulled into a world of acceptance, D&D, and everything she’s fighting for.
Except— it’s getting harder and harder to reveal her secret, especially when she starts falling for the Dungeon Master.

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up CHAOTIC GOOD, but I’m so glad I finished it right before the New Year. It was a feel-good novel that left me encouraged and feeling great for 2018. I’m a sucker for contemporaries with quirky romances, and this one did not disappoint. Cameron’s journey is emotional, heart wrenching, and joyous all at once. I found myself crying with her and rooting for her with every turn on the page.

Recently I’ve found myself curious about the Dungeons & Dragons so finding out it was a big plot point really excited me. D&Dis woven throughout the story and adds so much depth and fun, especially when the characters’ storylines come alive in surprise comic pages that are interspersed throughout several chapters.

Overall, CHAOTIC GOOD is a story about a girl finding herself in a man’s world—so ultimately, isn’t it the story of us all?
For that, I highly recommend this book for anyone who’s struggled with finding their place. It’s a read for the artists, the nerds, the D&D fans, and anyone else who wants a light-hearted comedy about the importance of being yourself and fighting off the haters.


📚 Ages 15+
📚 coming of age & LGBTQ  
📚 Dungeons and Dragons flair, some language