#YAlit Review: The Spill Zone

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The Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld / Alex Puvilland is one of those stories that will grab you from the beginning! I finishing it in one sitting, but, I must confess it's also a graphic novel.

It's the story of some sort of "spill" that happened in the community of Poughkeepsie three years ago, making the area a complete no man's land with a few crazy manifestations and lethal dangers thrown in. The spill left main character Addison and her little sister, Lexi, orphans, not to mentioned traumatized. Lexi hasn't talked for three years and now Addison's only way of providing for the two of them is to sneak into the spill zone and take pictures which she sells illegally to art collectors.

When she receives an offer she can't refuse, Addison breaks her hard-learned rules, and ventures deeper into the spill zone, where the darkness calls her name.

This is definitely a twisted, Sci-Fi story that hooked me in from the get-go and left me hanging as it's the first in a new collection by Westerfeld.

I couldn't get over the creativity or weirdness of the story, and as someone who isn't 💯 % a fan of sci-fi, I really enjoyed the arc of this story. Addison is a well-rounded character who I empathized with yet also, repeatedly wanted to strangle for some of the choices she makes.

Highly recommended for fans of graphic novels as the visuals are beautiful and tell more of the story than the prose let on. Also, if you love any type of science fiction that involves chemical spills and weird mutations this is definitely a new series you'll enjoy.


📚 YA readers, ages 15+
📚 Heavy language
📚 Superb visuals