Whole30 Update & a Recipe Roundup

Here I am rounding out week 3 of my Whole30, and friends, I couldn't be more ready to continue with my whole #CaitGoesPaleo plan. I had *planned* on writing short, weekly updates to share my journey with you this month, but I started back at school last week (I'm a high school teacher) so needless to say, I've been a little busy getting back into the swing of things. 

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Dear First Year Teacher Again: This is Your Season

Last Friday, I turned in the keys that unlocked my first ever teaching job.

For the past three years, I've been a junior high (grades 6-8) English Language Arts teacher at a small rural school, just outside my community. It's been quite a ride these last three years, yet pretty much from day one I've contemplated quitting. See, I never felt called to be a teacher. I originally went to school for a liberal English and writing degree with the idea that I’d become a novelist and open a children’s book store....

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Introductions: Or that "What is Your Blog About?" Post

I often think firsts are exciting.
Think about it. First steps. First time riding a bike. First kiss. First pets. All these things bring such excitement and joy to mind.  
But firsts around the internet are hard.
First blog posts. First tweets. First photos published.

They all leave such a lasting first impression. Often, they are what introduce you out into the big wide world of the internet. And then, if you stay with a platform long enough, those firsts can last for quite awhile. They can become old. Or they can become something different then what you think as you change. 

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