Meet Caitlin

Hello readers! Welcome! 

I'm never really good at these bio pages even though they are in essence, a story about myself. Nonetheless, here's some info about me.

I'm a creator, a dreamer, a bibliophile, and a storyteller.

I've been lost in my imagination since I was a kid, and I have notebooks, random blogs, and word documents full of ideas and stories. I'm currently revising my first novel, a middle grade fantasy, so I guess you could call me an aspiring novelist, too. 

Writing and telling stories are the call of my heart, but I currently work as a full time High School English teacher, where getting books into the hands of my students is the most important work I can do. 
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the other important things 

Beyond writing stories, I'm a daughter of Christ. I'm also wife to Casey, and we reside in the Midwest with our two literary dachshunds, Darth Daisy and Gatsby-Frodo-Padfoot-Dobby Lore. I know. He is quite ridiculous. But he also prefers his shorter title, Gatsby the Great.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. 


(the not-so-short list)

  • Reading
    I'm a huge fan of middle grade fantasies and mysteries, but some of my all-time favorite books include: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, A Wrinkle in Time Quartet by Madeleine L'Engle, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.
                                 [For more, check out my reading log.]

  • Decaf Coffee: bold, dark roast with a hint Nutpods

  • TV dates with my husband. We particularly love Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, The Librarians, New Girl, Stranger Things, The Magicians, Lost in Space, and This is Us.

  • My two mini dachshunds.

  • Cooking with my farmer's market finds

  • Holy Yoga (I'm also a yoga instructor!)

  • Being barefoot

  • Hiking and the woods in general

  • Weekends away in our pop-up camper