Meet Caitlin

Hello readers! If you made it this far, I feel like you are either genuinely interested in my life or stalking me. 
Either way. Welcome! 

I'm never really good at these bio pages because I feel there's so much more of me that I just can't explain in words. I'd rather just sit with you over a cup of coffee and get to know one another. But since we can't do that right this moment, here's the longer 'about me' version.

I'm a creator, a dreamer, a bibliophile, and a storyteller.

I've been lost in my imagination since I was a kid, and I have notebooks, random blogs, and word documents full of ideas and the beginnings of stories. I'm currently revising my first novel, a middle grade fantasy, so I guess you could call me an aspiring novelist, too. 

Writing and telling stories are the call of my heart, but I currently work as a full time High School English teacher, where getting books into the hands of my students is the most important work I can do. 
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I'm a Holy Yoga Instructor and wellness enthusiast. 

Beyond writing stories, I'm passionate about helping others live their stories, and I believe that comes only if we're cultivating nourishment in our bodies and souls. I became a certified yoga instructor three years ago, and haven't stopped learning and training. I have a new-found love for biology and anatomy, and it's only added to my nerdy personality. I teach yoga online at my YouTube channel. Combined with my love of yoga, I love food, holistic nutrition, functional movement, and being barefoot. I share a lot about those on my Instagram.

The most important things though? 

I'm a daughter of Christ, learning to live out my story in Him. I'm also wife to Casey, and we reside in the Midwest with our two literary dachshunds, Darth Daisy and Gatsby-Frodo-Padfoot-Dobby Lore. I know, ridiculous. He prefers his shorter title, Gatsby the Great.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. 


Some of my favorites
(the short list)

  • Reading: especially middle grade books

    • Harry Potter, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand, The Great Gatsby, cookbooks, and middle grade fantasies & mysteries top my list. 
      [For more, check out my reading log.]

  • Decaf Coffee: bold, dark roast with a hint of hazelnut Nutpods

  • TV dates with my husband. We particularly love Dr. Who, Agents of SHIELD, The Librarians, New Girl, Stranger Things, The Magicians, and This is Us. 
  • My two mini dachshunds.
  • Cooking with my farmer's market finds
  • Minimalist/barefoot shoes
  • Hiking and the woods in general
  • Weekends away  in our pop-up camper
  • Sharing book recommendations on Instagram
  • Podcasts, particularly:
    • Books Between, STORY, Hope Writers, Write from the Deep, Magic Lessons,
    • (Sometimes, okay twice so far, I even record my own but I'm working on reviving it!)


My website might seem all over the place, and that's probably because it is. But it's my little space where I get to share all the things that make me, me whether those things are stories, poems, book reviews, yoga videos, recipes, or wellness stuff. My blog is sporadic and often nonexistent anymore as I often spend my time working on fiction these days, so you're more apt to find me on Instagram as @caitlin_lore where I share snippets of my life and way too many Insta-stories.