As a fiction writer, most of my writing time is spent in the world of my notebooks & novels.

I’ve been a blogger in the past, and by blogger I mean I’ve tried book blogging & life style blogging & other hobby focused blogging before. In fact, I still have (most likely) about four or five live blogs somewhere around the internet. However, as a writer with a day job, blogging became a habit that was hard to keep up, especially as I took a bigger dive into fiction writing.

For the last three years, I’ve been more focused on developing characters, figuring our plot lines, and learning about the world of publishing.
I’ve learned a lot, one thing of which is that writing is a journey that can oftentimes* feel lonely. So, I’m starting this space as a way to connect with other writers as we write together. I also hope to share some of my own stories and advice along the way, encourage your creativity with writing prompts, help you with resources, and the writing teacher in me would love to share writing tips & tricks.

I won’t promise this will be a typical blog, updated weekly, but it will be a place where I share snippets of my stories and everything I’m learning along the way as a writer.

I am writing.

Are you?


*first piece of writing advice: find a writing partner! They don’t have to write the same genre as you (though it helps!) but having someone you can talk to / text daily / Vox weekly about writing makes this journey a whole lot more fun!